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TeamWork2014 is underway :shuffelin: 

Please review our guidelines for all participants :imsmart: 
If you still have questions, please visit us at #ArtistleChat Heart by maftie

The TeamWork phase has begun, but there are still 2 teachers offering to teach some very cool things who've not found students yet. So the sign-up phase is extended till July 27, 2014 for those wishing to sign up as students of these teachers:
AngelicEmpyress is offering to teach 'world-building, species building, character development etc...', which are her specialties, in addition to basic art skills and how to work programs Manga Studio and SAI among others
jackgunski is offering to teach writing 'poetry and prose' and even edit the work you come up with as a result of your partnership
So, why should you sign-up for TeamWork2014? Confused
Well, there's a lot to be learned from tutorials around dA and the rest of the internet, but what's often missing is an intermediary and guide to help you make sense of that through their experience. So, if you've ever wondered about either of the things these teachers are offering to teach, you probably should sign up La la la la 


We now have badges :lovesquee: 

TeamWork 2014 - Teacher badge by mondscheinsonate   TeamWork 2014 - Student badge by mondscheinsonate

thanks to the ever wonderful and inspired mondscheinsonate

So, if you're participating in TeamWork2014, feel free to use any one of the above that's relevant to you on your profile to show the project some love and support, good people La love 

If you'd like to sign up for the project, or just learn some more about it before you decide to, head over to our Sign-up Sheet, and join us as a Teacher or Student (or both) before tomorrow, Sunday, July 20, 2014 :dummy:

You can also visit our TeamWork folder at Artistle to see the work created during our previous rounds :nods: 

TeamWork 2014 ! (Extended + TeamWork)You all waited for this moment - TeamWork 2014 is here!
For all those who don't know the project yet, here are some answers to all the questionmarks over your head!

We have extended the sign-up phase for the teachers who haven't yet found a student. :) Please check out the comments, if you're interested in becoming a student!
Also for the teams that are already matched: Have fun learning and teaching! :la:
What is the project about?
The aim is to team up two artists to achieve a close and individual learning-experience.
One of the two will be the teacher, whereas the other will be the student. (But our teachers will learn through this project just as much, I'm sure :giggle: )
Teachers will present assignments to their students and provide them with tools, techniques and lessons to achieve the goal they both decided on.
In the end we'll present all the finished assignments in a big chat event and on our group page!
There also might be
     Sign-up sheet - TeamWork 2014If you don't know what this is about, please read more about it here.
Please add a comment below telling us a bit about you, your art and what genre you'd like to teach.
The participants wishing to be your team-partner will reply to your comment. We will then list you two as a team.
Read through the comments written by teachers and see which topic or genre fits your learning-wishes best.
If you found one, simply reply to that comment and we'll match you two as a team.
Please don't comment on this journal for any other reason than signing up for the project!
Please don't comment on this journal to apply as a student, only reply to already existing teacher-offers in the comments.
If there are no teachers left, please consider teaching someone yourself. :) It can be a lot of fun and I'm sure everyone has something to teach!
Once your team is matched, you can use the badges below anywhere on dev
     Tips, tricks, guidelines! - TeamWorkToday you and your teampartner will start a four-week long journey of teaching and learning, and to make it a bit easier for you all, I put together some tips, tricks and guidelines for those weeks!
Pencil Respect your teampartner. If you have conflicts with each other, tell us and we'll help you sort them.
Pencil At any time during this project you can note me, the group #Artistle or join our chatroom at #ArtistleChat for help.
Pencil Try to attend the weekly chats together, but if you can't, try to let us know about the progress you're making, possible problems or assignments you have worked on.
Tips and tricks
Star! First of all, talk to your teacher about what you'd like to learn from them. Teachers will then find assignments for you to work on and dates to meet

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